Order Livestock and Equine Supplies from VPSI

Order Livestock & Equine Supplies from VPSI

Interested in purchasing livestock products? 


Our full lineup of livestock, equine, and small animal products are available through our VPSI Sales reps


This includes over-the-counter, VFDs, and Rx products from the top manufacturers in the animal health industry: Durvet, Bimeda, Clearview Enterprises, Strauss Feeds, Huvepharma, and more. 

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Our sales team knows what you and your animals need for your operation to succeed. They understand the industry and animal health. Why? Because our sales team is made up of agriculture and animal health experts. Many have their own farms, raise their own livestock, and have seen their own kids through 4-H. 


They know our products, because they’ve used them. They know our customers, because they work closely with them. They know what your animals need and are passionate about helping their customers’ operations succeed. 


Aside from rolling up their sleeves and getting their own hands dirty, they also offer a personal service that just can’t be matched by online companies like Amazon. VPSI Sales Reps deliver directly to your location. They’ll even stock your coolers.





  • Variety: You’ll get instant access to the top animal health manufacturers and their exclusive product lines, including new products.
  • Expertise: You’ll save time and money when you work with a knowledgeable VPSI Sales Rep that understands the industry and your business.
  • Honesty: You won’t be pushed into buying products you don’t need. Our reps will connect you with the right products for the health of your animals and your business.
  • Convenience: You’ll get your products delivered exactly where you need them – including prescriptions. We’ll even stock your shelves and coolers for you. 
  • Biosecurity: Your animals’ wellness is our top priority. When avian influenza or another important disease rears its ugly head, we take company-wide precautions to make sure we aren’t bringing it to your farm. Plus, we carry critical products to keep your operation biosecure.


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