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We understand your business. And we know just how hard you (and often your family, too) work to raise your animals.

You are the backbone of America. Our nation’s food supply relies on you — and your role in America’s livestock production industry should never be taken lightly. And to those with canine and equine operations, the health of our companion animals is in your hands.

Without the dedicated, hardworking people that care for their animals through rain or shine, our country wouldn’t be where it is today. At VPSI, we sincerely thank you for all that you do.

And we are honored to be a part of this important industry through our family-owned and operated business. For over six decades, we have helped the friends in our community care for their animals and grow their own businesses.

Today, we are proud to be your trusted animal health partner. Thank you for your continued business with VPSI.


As a customer of VPSI, you have access to your own personal farm industry expert that’s dedicated to the success of your operation. Our VPSI Sales Reps are located throughout the Midwest and offer convenient delivery, in-person meet ups, and in-store pickup at select storefront locations.

When you talk with your sales representative, you'll be working with someone that understands the agricultural industry. Someone that knows which of the thousands of products available are the best fit for your animals.

At VPSI, you'll work with an honest company that's dedicated over six decades to connecting farmers, dealers, and veterinarians with the right supplies to keep their animals healthy and their businesses thriving.

Enjoy access to thousands of products from the top manufacturers in the animal health industry for all livestock, equine, and small animals. Plus, we’re continually adding new items to the lineup.

Additionally, we have our own pharmacy for prescriptions, and are licensed to sell Veterinary Feed Directive (VFDs) products. And we even have a large animal veterinarian on staff to support our customers needing prescriptions in the Great Lakes region.

Please visit our pharmacy page to learn more.


Ready to work with a VPSI Sales Rep? Here’s how:

  1. Give Us a Call - The first step is finding the right VPSI Sales Rep for you. We have VPSI Sales Reps and locations throughout the Midwest. Call us at 800-624-2061 and we’ll put you in touch. Or simply fill out the contact form here.
  2. Get to Know Us - Our team prides themselves on the close working relationship we have with our customers. We’ll get to know you, your operation, and your animals to connect you with the right products for your business – whether you already know what you want or need recommendations. This starts with a simple phone call or on-site visit.
  3. Gain Exclusive Access - Our staff will work with you to ensure you’re getting the right products to keep your stock healthy, operation biosecure and regulation compliant, and your business profitable and efficient. This includes access to top product lines and manufacturers, exclusive bookings, promotions, and more.

Questions? Contact us today!

Thank you for choosing VPSI for your animal health and nutritional needs!