LoveWay's New Tack Team Program

by Caitlyn Andrews September 08, 2017

Winston Churchill said it best: “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” That statement describes the experience of so many of LoveWay’s riders who come week after week to spend time with their equine partner completing such tasks as grooming to get their horses clean, preparing them for class by putting the appropriate gear, or tack, on their horse, and – best of all – climbing the mounting block and getting on to ride.

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Gallop for the Green Golf Outing for LoveWay

by Caitlyn Andrews August 14, 2017

Gallop for the Green is one of the annual fundraisers for LoveWay that helps support the riders. This year, the theme is "Swinging for Scholarships" and the profits from the golf outing will go directly into the student scholarship fund. The student scholarship fund is a vital part of enabling LoveWay riders to receive partial or full scholarship assistance.

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LoveWay Summer Camp 2017

by Caitlyn Andrews July 07, 2017

We're proud to sponsor the LoveWay therapy horses! LoveWay hosts weekly camps during the summer where participants get to ride and learn about horses. The camp spots fill up quickly. Even though there are several weeks left of camp there are no more openings for participants, but they need volunteers!

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June 2017 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Rusty

by Caitlyn Andrews June 05, 2017

Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the therapy horses at LoveWay Inc. Each month we deliver supplements to the equine assisted therapy center and we get the privilege of meeting a special horse that will be featured our LoveWay Horse of the Month article. This month, that horse is a chestnut Quarter Horse named Rusty.

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May 2017 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Niki

by Caitlyn Andrews May 04, 2017

Each month we feature a therapy horse at LoveWay Inc., a non-profit therapeutic riding center in Middlebury, Indiana. As a proud sponsor of the LoveWay horses, we're happy to introduce you to a unique therapy horse named Niki.

She looks a bit different than most of the horses you'll find in the program...

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The New Deworming Method for Horses

by Caitlyn Andrews May 03, 2017

There are so many equine dewormers on the market that it can be confusing deciding which one you should use for your horse. Traditionally, it was recommended that you rotate dewormers every two months to cover a broad range of parasites. More often vets are recommending that you follow a new approach when deworming.

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