Concentrated Bioactives for Calves

StressMate is formulated for newborn calves and calves exposed to stress. StressMate is a blend of small protiens and nutrients processed from colostrum that is biologically available to calves, even after gut closure. StressMate is formulated to work alongside calves' natural defenses to help make them naturally stronger.

After gut closure is complete and the calf can no longer absorb large proteins, the bioactivity of StressMate’s small proteins and peptides makes them available to the calf and offers important benefits. These bioactives work on cellular contact in the gut mucosa and support a calf’s innate defense system to help it recognize and destroy pathogens.


Condensed whey extract, biotin, folic acid, Vitamin B-12 supplement, sodium benzoate (preservative), EDTA (preservative).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein (min) 1%
Crude fat (min) .1%
Crude fiber (max) .1%

    Dosage and Administration

    For calves just prior to or during periods of stress:

    Stressful periods may include:
    Adverse environmental conditions
    Inadequate or no colostrum feeding
    Shipping and commingling

    Feed 10 mL orally each day for at least 3 days.

    For newborn calves: 
    Feed 10 mL orally immediately following birth or as soon as possible afterwards. Then continue feeding for at least 2 more days. Can be fed orally alone or in milk, milk replacer or electrolyte solution.

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