Sludge Buster Lagoon Tabs

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Sludge Pond Treatment Tabs for Food Animal Operations

"Don't Let Your Operation Get Stuck in the Muck!"

Easily reduce odor, waste and surface scum from your waste lagoons with Sludge Buster Lagoon Tabs. These tabs are a simple, environmentally safe way to remove muck and organic sludge from large waste ponds in poultry, swine and cattle operations. Simply toss the tabs in the lagoon and let the beneficial bacteria do all of the work!

Each 4 lb jar contains 64 one-ounce Lagoon Tabs. For best results distribute evenly over surface and repeat treatment every 4 weeks.

Sludge Buster Lagoon Tab Features and Benefits

Easily removes muck and eliminates murky water

Digests organic sludge and decaying matter

Eliminates animal waste

Reduces ammonia nitrate and phosphate

Safe for fish, wildlife and pets

Works well in cold weather

Excellent for use in poultry, swine and cattle operations

SDS and Product Label

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