Rampage Place Pacs


Bromethalin Place Pac Bait

New Rampage formula Place Pacs protect bait and fit in tight areas. Great for burrow baiting. Rampage Pacs are 15 g. 4 lb pail.

About Rampage Rodenticide

NEW FORMULA! Rampage is the newest formula from Motomco. Palatability has been improved for better acceptance. Rampage was designed to fight against resistance as it contains Bromethalin, a non-anticoagulant capable of killing even anticoagulant resistant rats and mice. It delivers a proven combination of bait acceptance and speed of kill. The formula can kill rodents in as little as 2 days after a toxic dose consumption. Using Rampage may also reduce the amount of bait required for control since rodents ingesting a toxic dose may not feed again. Single feed bait.

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