Rampage Chunx


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Bromethalin Block Bait

New Rampage Chunx are denser than other Motomco baits and contain the latest preservative package which increases mold, moisture, and heat resistance. The all-weather block still offers a design with multiple edges that rodents prefer gnawing on. Rampage Chunx can be secured in a bait station (sold separately). Each block is 15 g. 

About Rampage Rodenticide

NEW FORMULA! Rampage is the newest formula from Motomco. Palatability has been improved for better acceptance. Rampage was designed to fight against resistance as it contains Bromethalin, a non-anticoagulant capable of killing even anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice. It delivers a proven combination of bait acceptance and speed of kill. The formula can kill rodents in as little as 2 days after a toxic dose consumption. Using Rampage may also reduce the amount of bait required for control since rodents ingesting a toxic dose may not feed again. Single feed bait.

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