Niacin-Energy Drench Plus Vitamins


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Oral Nutritional Supplement for Ketotic Cattle

Niacin-Energy Drench Plus Vitamins is an oral nutritional supplement for ketotic cattle. Ideal for use on every fresh heifer and on ketotic cows. This drench from AgriLabs provides niacin to counteract ketosis, propylene glycol for the energy deficient heifer and B vitamins to stimulate the appetite. 

Active Ingredients

Niacin, min 11,500 mg

Vitamin B6 60 mg

Vitamin B12 600 mcg

Propylene Glycol 90 gm

Dosage and Administration

Provide one 200 mL feeding immediately following calving. Give additional feedings as needed. Administer using a drench gun. The drench should be administered slowly between the cheek and the teeth. Do not administer to a cow without a swallowing reflex.

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