Newborn Calf CS Colostrum Supplement


Colostrum Supplement

Newborn Calf CS is a colostrum supplement used to supplement a first feeding of maternal colostrum whose quality is unknown or not available in sufficient quantity, or with newborn calves that have difficulty suckling. Feed Newborn Calf CS immediately, if practical, or within 24 hours of birth. It can be fed as a stand-alone feeding (second feeding only) when mixed with water or with colostrum of poor or unknown quality.

Each packet contains one feeding (300 gram). For best results administer with a nipple bottle or esophageal feeder.


Condensed modified whey solubles, maltodextrin and fat

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein, minimum 40%
Crude fat, minimum 8%
Crude fiber, maximum 5%
Globulin proteins 50 g/feeding

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