Jaguar Soft Bait


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Brodifacoum Soft Bait

Jaguar Soft Bait comes in a unique form that will not melt, mold, or freeze. For use in and around agricultural buildings. Extruded hole in bait for quick and accurate placement. Made with Lumitrack for easier rodent identification. Convenient 15 g bait packs. 

About Jaguar Rodenticide

Jaguar is Motomco's most powerful single-feed anticoagulant formula for proven control. Active ingredient: Brodifacoum. Time of death as early as 4 to 5 days after consumption of lethal dose. Jaguar is made with carefully chosen food grade ingredients that have resulted in proven palatability and rodent acceptance. Jaguar's potency and palatability consistently controls rat and mouse infestation, even in cases where resistance is suspected. Jaguar is Motomco's best selling bait to poultry and swine producers for its effectiveness in controlling rodent populations. 

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