HylEquine Weight and Muscle Builder Supplement


Natural Weight and Muscle Builder

HylEquine Builder is a fast-acting, all-natural formula. Premium weight and muscle builder and performance enhancer. This supplement works to support lean muscle development and gain by promoting a better utilization of nutrition. It keeps your horse "cool" while increasing muscle mass, strength and endurance. Gamma Oryzanol and Branched Chain Amino Acids increase visual appeal and overall bloom. Ideal solution for hard keepers, performance horses and sale prep.

With no added chemicals, artificial fillers, preservatives, hormones or synthetic ingredients, HylEquine Builder is the ideal supplement for horse owners that prefer natural supplements.

HylEquine Builder Benefits

  • - All-Natural Formula
  • - Supports Muscle Development
  • - Increases Bloom & Weight Gain
  • - Increases Energy & Endurance
  • - Promotes Power & Stamina
  • - Increases Muscle Mass
  • - Prevents Muscle Breakdown
  • - Combats Fatigue
  • - Promotes Muscle Regeneration
  • - Increases Appetite
  • - Supports Immune Health
  • - Increases Recovery Time

Guaranteed Analysis

For optimum results feed two scoops (60 grams total) per day.

Per each 60 gram serving

L-Leucine 2000 mg
L-Isoleuicine 2000 mg
L-Valine 2000 mg
L-Glutamine 5000 mg
L-Arginine 2000 mg
DL Methionine 5000 mg
Threonine 5000 mg
Gamma Oryzanol 3000 mg
Riboflavin 1500 mg
Thiamine 1000 mg
Niacin 500 mg
Pantothenic Acid 500 mg
Pyridoxine 500 mg
Folic Acid 250 mg
Vitamin B12 1.5 mg

Chromium 3.5 mg

About HylEquine

We are now carrying all natural equine supplements from HylEquine. HylEquine is a local company based out of Elkhart, IN. They focus on providing high quality supplements without artificial ingredients to keep your horses feeling and performing at their best.

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