HylEquine NutriMix Vitamin and Mineral Supplement


Comprehensive Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

This comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement provides the proper balances of nutrients to meet the rigorous demands of your horse’s body in all stages of life. An easy one-step supplement provides crucial growth support, performance conditioning, and all-around balanced nutrition.

NutriMix provides a full, balanced spectrum of essential nutrients in an easy daily supplement. HylEquine utilizes cutting edge technologies and high quality ingredients, in the proper proportions, to give horses better-than-ever nutrition. A new alternative for horse owners looking for optimum overall coverage that will provide benefit to the horse beginning today and lasting a lifetime.

Types of horses that can benefit from NutriMix:

Performance horses, older horses whose systems are unable to efficiently digest nutrients, “Hard Keepers” who cannot absorb the nutrients their bodies need, developing horses whose bodies require crucial growth support, all breeding operation horses, horses with metabolic or digestive problems, and under nourished horses needing to maximize wellness.

With no added chemicals, artificial fillers, preservatives, hormones or synthetic ingredients, HylEquine NutriMix is the ideal supplement for horse owners that prefer natural supplements.

HylEquine NutriMix Benefits

  • - All-Natural Formula
  • - Provides Complete Support of Vitamins for Most Horses
  • - Vitamins with Essential Trace and Macro Minerals
  • - Antioxidant Support
  • - Improve and Maintain a Healthy Immune System
  • - Digestive Aids: Yeast Cultures & Enzyme Packs
  • - Promotes Healthy Hooves & Coat
  • - Great Source of Amino Acids
  • - Contains Folic Acid
  • - Optimum Overall Coverage
  • - Stimulates Appetite
  • - Calming Effects of Thiamine
  • - Simplifies Feeding with an All-in-One Supplement

Guaranteed Analysis

For optimum results feed two scoops (100 grams total) per day.

Per each 100 gram serving

Crude Protein 16%
Crude Fat max 0.5%
Calcium 1.0%
Phosphorus min 5.0%
Salt 12%
Selenium 5 pp
Vitamin A min 40,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D min 5,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E min 4,000 IU/lb
Zinc 300 mg
Manganese 300 mg
Copper 150 mg
Iron 100 mg
Cobalt 15 mg
Sea Salt 10,000 mg
Mananoligosaccharides 5,000 mg
Yeast Cultures 5,000 mg
L-Lysine 10,000 mg
DL Methionine 5,000 mg
L Threonine 5,000 mg
Chromium 2 mg
Riboflavin 1,000 mg
Thiamine 1,000 mg
Niacin 500 mg
Pyridoxine 500 mg
Pantothenic Acid 500 mg
Folic Acid 250 mg
Biotin 100 mg

Enzyme Pack 5,000 mg

About HylEquine

We are now carrying all natural equine supplements from HylEquine. HylEquine is a local company based out of Elkhart, IN. They focus on providing high quality supplements without artificial ingredients to keep your horses feeling and performing at their best.

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