D-Horn Paste


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Horn Growth Prevention and Removal Paste

D-Horn Paste by Dominion Veterinary Laboratories LTD is indicated to prevent horn growth and remove horn buttons on calves.

Dosage and Administration

Apply a thin film on horn buttons as soon as they can be felt. Scrape the wax off the bud and then cover the bud with paste. Use rubber gloves and rub the paste well into the bud. As with hot iron dehorning, if part of the root is left intact, it will grow. The whole area of the bud root must be covered. Isolate calves for 30-60 minutes to prevent paste removal by rubbing. Protect calves from rain or snow for 6 hours to prevent the paste from running into the calf's eyes. D-Horn Paste 85 g treats approximately 40 calves.

Active Ingredients

Sodium Hydroxide- 46.0% w/w

Calcium Hydroxide- 18.4% w/w

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