Achieve Pro Paste with Cryptex


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Paste Supplement for Neonatal Beef and Dairy Calves

Achieve Pro with Cryptex effectively supports calves during times of stress. It contains a scientifically formulated blend of beneficial microorganisms, nutrients, targeted proteins and a proprietary matrix of polysaccharides and yeast extract to help calves through periods of stress, particularly in the first 14 days of life when calves are most vulnerable to disease.

Support for Newborn Calves

Unfortunately, not every calf receives the proper amount of quality colostrum at the right time following birth. Adverse environmental conditions such as mud, poor water, feces, inclement weather, and crowding can leave newborn calves vulnerable during the first couple weeks of life. This can lead to sickness in the calf.

Achieve Pro with Cryptex Benefits

  1. High quality targeted proteins maintain calf gut health.
  2. Supplies glycine and beneficial bacteria to promote optimal intestinal health.
  3. Supplies pre-biotic inulin – a fructooligosaccharide that has been shown to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and decrease the amount of pathogens such as E. coli and Clostridium in the intestine.
  4. Cryptex is a unique proprietary blend of yeast extract and dextran to maintain gut health and integrity.
  5. Flavored, highly palatable and digestible for calves.
  6. No withdrawal period required.

Available as a 60 gm paste for easy use in newborn calves.

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