ABC PIT! Hog Pit Treatment

Piedmont Animal Health

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Biological Hog Pit Treatment for Swine Operations

ABC PIT! is a simple, yet reliable, biological solution for removing organic solids. Reduces odor, waste and surface scum in hog pits. Weekly treatments effectively break down solid waste and improve pump-ability. The solution converts organic solids into environmentally safe carbon dioxide and water. 100% safe for animals!

Using ABC PIT! is easy as 1-2-3! Simply spray or spread the treatment evenly over the entire hog pit surface where waste is present. For best results, apply treatments with North State Products' new 123-PIT! Multi-Use Applicator (coming soon).

ABC PIT! Features and Benefits

100% safe for animals

Reduces odors dramatically

Removes waste and scum

Digests solids for easier pumping

Environmentally safe

SDS and Product Label

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