Zyrox Granular Fly Bait from Syngenta

“Irresistible to flies. Invaluable to you.”

Zyrox No Resistance Fly Bait

Syngenta's Zyrox is a ready-to-use granular fly control bait for use in and around residential, commercial, and agricultural structures to control house flies. The active ingredient in Zyrox is a brand new insecticide for fly control. Currently, Zyrox has limited distributorship with Vet Poultry being one of the official distributors.

Combats Resistance

Zyrox’s active ingredient, .5% cyantraniliprole, is a unique compound classified as a Group 28 (Diamide). It has no documented resistance in house flies, making Zyrox an ideal rotational partner in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Insect Resistant Management (IRM) programs.

Fast, Effective & Irresistible

Once ingested, results can be seen within minutes. The active ingredient in Zyrox disrupts muscle contraction in a fly by depleting calcium ions, which paralyzes the fly almost immediately and leads to death.

Formulated to be highly attractive and palatable to ensure effectiveness. University trials have proved Zyrox to be up to 5 times as attractive as other baits on the market. Highly attractive to house flies even without a pheromone lure.


Zyrox has a lower bulk density than most other competitor fly baits. This means comparable surface area coverage, but fewer pounds to carry and store. Typical use rate is 3.2 ounces per 1000 square feet, and a high rate of 6.4 ounces per 1000 square feet for heavy infestations. Each pound of Zyrox can fill up to twice as many bait stations as competitor baits, saving time and money.


Zyrox can be used both indoors (in a bait station) and outdoors. Can be used in a variety of indoor or outdoor facilities, including: poultry/broiler houses, caged layer houses, swine production structures, livestock housing structures, and horse stables.

Use Restrictions

Do not apply outdoors when raining; must be used in bait station when used indoors, do not apply more than 32 ounces per 1000 sq ft per year.

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