The New Gold Standard

We've combined our trusted Strauss 21/20 Bova Celmanax milk replacer with a powerful essential oil ingredient pack from Van Beek Nutrition. The result is an all new, premium calf milk replacer like you've never seen before!

Our Orange Milk gives your calves the right start with these added health benefits:

  • Stimulates olfactory senses and appetite
  • Supports a healthy microbiome
  • Supports a healthy immune function
  • Supports natural digestive enzyme secretion
  • Aids in the control of coccicidiosis without a VFD

Look for the orange label on the bag! The label is orange - not the milk!

3 Leading Companies in the Animal Health Industry Have Teamed Up!

Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc.

VPSI is a family-owned and operated animal health and nutrition distributor. With multiple locations across the Midwest, we've been supplying producers, dealers, and vets with the supplies they need to keep their animals healthy for over 60 years.

Van Beek Natural Science

Van Beek Natural Science is an innovative company that's leading the way in offering natural alternatives for the animal health industry. Van Beek produces a variety of safe, naturally-based products for livestock to improve health and performance.

Strauss Feeds

Strauss Feeds has been VPSI's go-to source for quality milk replacers for many years. Strauss is dedicated to getting dairy calves off to a good start with their quality and expertly formulated milk replacers designed with all milk protein ingredients.

Why wait to try Orange Milk for your calves?

Cattle producers know that the nutrition their calves receive before being weaned sets them up for the rest of their lives.

There is no time to waste when it comes to the health of your calves!

The sooner you make the switch to Orange Milk, the sooner you can start seeing the benefits with your calves!


  • Aids in the control of coccidiosis
  • Supports immune function & a healthy microbiome
  • Supports natural digestive enzyme secretion
  • Stimulates olfactory senses & appetite


  • No VFD needed to use Orange Milk
  • You may qualify for direct delivery to your facility!
A premium milk replacer WITHOUT the premium price tag

At VPSI we work in the best interest of our customers. We're dedicated to helping producers raise healthy animals. That means keeping our prices affordable. Even with premium milk replacers.

VPSI Sales Representative - Thrilled with Orange Milk Results!

"I'm hesitant to promote new products to my customers until I see the benefits for myself. My customers that use the Orange Milk have told me that their calves are healthy and converting to grain quicker. Now I tell everyone about Orange Milk. This milk replacer really works!

We're seeing more and more people looking for natural options. The trend toward more natural products and essential oils on the human side has made this a perfect fit for livestock feed. It's a healthier choice. We're seeing more people trending toward that here in the countryside.

I'm thrilled to be part of something new and excited to see it grow! The Orange Milk is like nothing else out there and Vet & Poultry is the only one that carries it. I'm proud to be able to offer it to my customers, because I've seen the results and I'm confident in it. "

Mike Todd - VPSI Sales Rep in Bluffton, IN

"The new gold standard is orange."

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