Northern Indiana Dairy Trail

Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. is a proud supporter of the Northern Indiana Dairy Trail.

Northern Indiana Dairy Trail

Note: The 2016 Dairy Trail event has already ended. Keep reading to learn more about The Northern Indiana Dairy Trail!

Have you heard of the Northern Indiana Dairy Trail yet? If not, you won't want to miss your chance to visit your local dairy farms. The Dairy Trail is a family friendly event you can attend for FREE this summer!

Come see where your milk begins its journey on the 2016 Northern Indiana Dairy Trail!

Dairy Calf Northern Indiana

The Northern Indiana Dairy Trail is a series of open houses hosted at local dairy farms. The Northern Indiana Dairy Trail is celebrating the past 200 years of Indiana dairy farming by allowing the public to visit 11 participating Indiana dairies. Come out and see how milk and dairy products travel from the farm to your table. Over the course of 2 weekends, 11 dairy farms will be opening their doors to the public. Additionally, in October, one dairy farm in Elkhart county will host the Indiana Bicentennial Torch.

When is the Dairy Trail?

The Northern Indiana Dairy Trail open houses will take place during these weekends: June 18 and June 25. These open houses are absolutely FREE to the public! Visit one farm or all eleven. Bring the whole family and have fun!

Where is the Dairy Trail?

11 participating dairy farms located in: Milford, Goshen, Kimmell, Bremen, Wolcottville, Plymouth, Syracuse, Albion, Shipshewana, and Walkerton.

Want to learn more?

The 2016 Dairy Trail event has already ended. Be sure to check out the Northern Indiana Dairy trail website for more information and future dates:

Northern Indiana Dairy Trail Event Calendar

You can also visit for more information about how dairy farmers care for their land, animals, and communities or the benefits of drinking milk and eating dairy foods.