LoveWay Inc.

Vet & Poultry and LoveWay Inc. Team Up!

We are happy to announce our involvement with a non-profit organization that we fully believe in. As of June 2015, Vet & Poultry is now partnered with LoveWay, Inc., located in Middlebury, IN. Why LoveWay? Several of the staff members at Vet & Poultry have had past experiences with LoveWay. From participating in Ride-A-Thons to knowing students who have benefited from taking LoveWay classes, we have seen firsthand the positive impact that LoveWay has had on the people (and horses!) who have walked through their barn doors. We knew we wanted to be more involved with our community and when we began offering equine products the choice was a no-brainer. We asked the LoveWay staff if they would like to partner with us and we are so glad we did!

 LoveWay and Vet Poultry partnership

About LoveWay Inc.

If you haven’t heard of LoveWay yet then be sure to read all about this wonderful organization on their website LoveWay Inc. is a Premier Accredited Center of PATH Intl (Professional Association Of Therapeutic Horsemanship International). Since 1974 LoveWay has changed the lives of people of all ages (4 & up) that have been diagnosed with either a physical or mental disability through their therapeutic riding classes, Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program, and summer camps. Their mission statement isn’t a cliché or generic statement. LoveWay’s mission statement embraces the attitude of the staff and volunteers that work so hard to make the organization the best it can be- they are there to transform lives.

“Transforming the lives of individuals with special needs through comprehensive therapeutic equestrian services.”

The skills that students learn in their therapeutic riding classes can be taken into their daily lives. LoveWay participants are able to experience friendships with both the horses and instructors/volunteers. Students can experience improved balance, strengthened muscle tone, increased attention span and memory, and a sense of responsibility and independence. In cases of physical disabilities, children that are unable to walk on their own get to experience the freedom of moving from a horse’s back. Volunteers spend their personal time at LoveWay to make a difference. Often, it’s the little things like seeing an autistic child smile and make a connection with their new equine friend that make all the long hours worth it for the staff and volunteers.  

For the full list of benefits from therapeutic horseback riding click here.


Our Partnership

We are fortunate to be able to provide LoveWay with some of the equine health products that their four-legged staff needs. In our partnership, we don’t want to just help LoveWay through supplies, but we also want to help them gain awareness and collect more donations. Be sure to check out our Equestrian Blog to see featured horses, volunteers, and LoveWay events!

How Can You Help LoveWay?

It takes all kinds of donations to keep an organization like LoveWay going. From monetary donations, tack and equipment, health supplies and feed, to volunteer hours. A simple bag of carrots for a horse treat or bottle of laundry detergent can make a difference. Are you interested in volunteering but have no horse experience? No problem! There are plenty of things you can do to help out at LoveWay no matter how little time or experience you have. Contact a staff member to see how you can help!

We now have a donation drop box right in our store for LoveWay donations! Click here for a full list of donation suggestions.

How to Support LoveWay Online

Do you shop on Amazon? Follow this link for AmazonSmiles and Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to LoveWay! Easy, right?

How about Kroger? You can easily support LoveWay just by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Register for a free online account.
  3. Find your nearest store.
  4. Enter your personal Kroger Rewards number and LoveWay’s Non-Profit number (34704).
  5. Shop!

That’s it. If you’re already shopping at either Kroger or Amazon why not take a few minutes to sign up so that some of the proceeds can go to a great organization?


LoveWay Links

If you can’t support LoveWay through any of the ways mentioned above but would still like to help, then follow them on social media and share! It’s free and only takes a second. Who knows who is on your friend list that has never heard of LoveWay that could benefit, or knows someone who could, from therapeutic riding?

LoveWay website

LoveWay Facebook

LoveWay Twitter


Call 574-825-5666 or send an email to if you are interested in giving your time. You can always call or stop in and speak with the staff if you would like to donate. Find out how you can help make a difference through LoveWay. Don’t be shy! They’re all friendly there!