Goshen Indiana Store Products

All products carried by VPSI and in stock can be purchased in our Goshen store at 120 S Greene Road, Goshen, IN 46526. This is not limited to the products listed below or the products offered on our website. Click here for a full list of suppliers whose products we carry.

VPSI Goshen Store is open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.


Poultry supplies are our specialty. We carry all of the products you need to keep your flocks healthy including vitamins, antibiotics, medicines, solubles, disinfectants, feeders and more. We even have chicken feed


You'll find all of the health care supplies you need for your beef or dairy cattle in our store. We carry vaccines, feed additives, vitamins, bloat release, medicines, soluble powders, wound care and sprays, probiotics, boluses, wormers and more.


VPSI carries plenty of supplies for your swine, too. You'll find antibiotics, vitamins, soluble powders, dewormers, injections, antibacterials, probiotics, navel dip, electrolytes, hog wash, vaccines, disinfectants and more.


We now carry horse supplies! Visit our store for the horse health supplies you need. We carry wormers, vaccines, supplements, and psyllium, wound care, liniments and salves, fly spray, fly masks, and more. We even carry horse show supplies such as hair polish and detangler, bands and hoof polish.

Sheep & Goat

Stop by our store to pick up health supplies for your sheep and goats. We carry vitamins, foot rot and ringworm spray, electrolytes, wound care and blood stop, vaccines, parasite control, disinfectants and more.

Small Animal

We even carry supplies for your small animals! You'll find Frontline, flea collars, hip & joint supplement treats, wound care and eye wash, dewormers, disinfectants, canine vaccines, probiotics, collars, and leashes. We carry Hubbard Life cat and dog food and ADM rabbit feed.

Other Livestock

We carry some supplies for your other livestock as well. Vitamins, wound care, disinfectants, vitamins and more. You can stop in and order ear tags for your deer, as well as cattle and swine.

Pest Control

We have many pest control options to choose from. Find the right baits, bait stations, rodenticides, larvicides, pesticides, traps, feed through IGR and sprays for your home or farm.

Farm Supply & Equipment

We primarily carry health care and nutritional products, but you'll also find chicken feeders and waterers, buckets, feed pans, pit and lagoon treatment, Assist water solutions and more farm supplies.

Water Softener Salt

You'll find water softener salt in our store as well. We have Compacted Salt for all water softeners and Iron Fighter from Diamond Crystal.