Tempo 20 WP Insecticide


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Cyfluthrin Broad-Spectrum Premise Only Insecticide

Tempo 20 WP Insecticide provides broad-spectrum control of crawling and flying insect pests for indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Tempo 20 WP Features

  • 20% cyfluthrin wettable powder insecticide
  • General surface, spot, mist, or crack and crevice application
  • For use in and around animal facilities, outbuildings, and sheds
  • Apply where pests have been seen or found, or can find shelter
  • Can be tank-mixed with other pesticides registered for similar uses unless specifically prohibited

Active Ingredient

cyfluthrin 20%

Targeted Pests

Ticks, mosquitoes, ants, darkling beetles, flies, gnats, and spiders.

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