Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedo


Mosquito Standing Water Larvicide

Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedo larvicide is applied directly to standing water to stop mosquitoes in their tracks. Easy, effective solution for stopping mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults.

Simply drop Mosquito Torpedo larvicide into standing water where it will slowly and continuously release an insect growth regulator (IGR) that prevents adult mosquito development for up to 2 months. Each torpedo provides up to 60 days of protection. Mosquito Torpedo larvicide leaves water crystal clear with no unsightly debris.

Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedos won't harm humans, animals, fish or vegetation when used as directed. Great for use in bird baths, animal watering troughs, containerized water gardens, privately-owned ponds, unused swimming pools or spas, flooded areas, roof gutters and tree holes, rain barrels, ornamental fountains and any place where you have standing water that could serve as a mosquito breeding ground.

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