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Selenium and Vitamin E Horse Supplement

Mega-Sel is a selenium and Vitamin E supplement for horses. Its patented, liquid formula easily mixes in with grain and is highly palatable, even for those picky horses. Feeding directions assure that your horse safely receives the proper level of Selenium. Mega-Sel improves muscle tone, increases stamina, improves hair coat and hoof condition. The formula works to lessen muscle soreness and alleviates tying-up syndrome.

Vital Nutrition for Your Horse

Foals and Broodmares

Selenium and Vitamin E are essential nutrients for a horse's diet and affect both health and performance. Selenium is a trace mineral essential to life and proper nutrition. When coupled with Vitamin E, Selenium is essential for cell membrane integrity and proper cell metabolism. Selenium supplementation improves breeding efficiency by maintaining broodmare health and assuring proper development of the foal. Selenium is beneficial to foals and growing young horses for achieving proper muscle, bone and cartilage development.

Performance Horses

Horses in training require increased levels of Selenium and Vitamin E to maintain proper cell metabolism to minimize the deleterious effects associated with the stresses of performance horses. Mega-Sel aids in proper nutrition and safely raises Selenium levels associated with peak performance. Mega-Sel is currently used by many equine veterinarians both as a safe alternative to injectables and as an effective substitute for Selenium supplements. Injectables, although effective, have potentially dangerous side affects (anaphylactoid reactions). Mega-Sel offers both safety and effectiveness.

About Selenium Deficiency

Did you know that most feeds and forages do not contain adequate amounts of Selenium to ensure good equine health and performance? Many geographic areas in the United States, such as some areas in the Mid West, contain soil that is deficient of Selenium. This means the forage grown in these areas may not contain enough Selenium to provide adequate nutrition for your horse. Supplementation of Selenium in Selenium deficient diets is a must for proper equine nutrition.

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