Hydra-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement


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Electrolyte Replacement

Hydra-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement and nutritional supplement is indicated for use in young calves, lambs and foals. Restores normal body fluid and electrolyte balance and provides optimum electrolyte and water absorption. Hydra-Lyte supplies sodium acetate to correct acidosis. Its designed to keep abomasal pH low to help prevent growth of pathogenic bacteria. Energy rich supplement contains glucose to correct hypoglycemia. No added bicarbonate so it can be used with milk or milk replacer.


  • Dextrose - Raises blood glucose levels to correct hypoglycemia and stimulates electrolyte and water assimilation
  • Glycine - Promotes intestinal absorption of water and sodium and helps spare protein utilization for energy purposes
  • Sodium acetate - Provides an immediate energy source and correct acidosis without inhibiting milk clotting 
  • Potassium chloride - Restores normal intracellular potassium levels to correct hypokalemia 
  • Sodium chloride - Restores lost sodium levels and is a major factor in the absorption of water to effectively correct dehydration
  • Sodium citrate - Enhances the absorption of Electrolytes and water

Dosage and Administration

Hydra-Lyte readily dissolves in water and is easily absorbed. Prepare solution by dissolving the contents of both compartments of this package in two quarts of warm water. Prepare the solution just prior to use and administer with an esophageal probe, nursing bottle or pail.

Administer two quarts of Hydra-Lyte solution to each calf or foal twice daily for the first two days. Feed the Hydra- Lyte solution as extra meals while still feeding milk or milk replacer. If the animal refuses milk, feed the Hydra-Lyte solution and resume feeding the milk or milk replacer at the next scheduled feeding. On the third and fourth day administer one quart Hydra-Lyte solution mixed with one quart of either milk or milk replacer to each calf or foal two times each day. Lambs will require about one fourth of the above dosage. Most treated animals can be returned to normal feeding on the fifth day, but treatment can be continued on the fifth through seventh day.

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