Compudose Implant


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Estradiol Implant

Compudose (estradiol) Implants from Elanco are indicated for increasing the rate of weight gain in suckling and pastured growing steers. Improves feed efficiency and increased rate of weight gain in confined steers and heifers. Compudose Controlled Release Implant will provide an effective daily dose of estradiol for at least 200 days. No additional effectiveness may be expected from reimplanting in less than 200 days. Do not use in veal calves or animals intended for breeding purposes. For subcutaneous ear implantation in steers and heifers only. 

Each Compudose (estradiol) silicone rubber implant contains 25.7 mg estradiol and is coated with not less than 0.5 mg of oxytetracycline powder as a local anitbacterial. A Compudose/Encore implanter must be used to implant cattle.

When to Implant Compudose:

Suckling steers

At castration or later

Pastured growing steers

At weaning or later

Finishing steers and heifers

At arrival in feedlot

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