BoviDrops Feed Supplement for Cattle

Van Beek Natural Science

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Feed Supplement for Beef and Dairy Cattle

This supplement contains high levels of vitamins to support nutritional levels in cows which may help with reproduction performance and maintaining the immune system. This feed supplement should be used during breeding, transition, and before & during calving.

BoviDrops Features & Benefits

Vitamins for Calves

  • Application of the capsule before calving improves the health of the newborn calf by giving the vitamin amounts necessary for proper growth and maintenance.
  • Assures more nutritious colostrum milk.

Vitamins A, D, & E

  • Maintain immune system
  • Maintain reproductive performance
  • Have a positive influence on fertility and conception rate

Organix Flaxseed Oil (Omega 3)

  • Excellent source of Omega 3
  • Maintains immune system
  • Maintains reproductive performance

BoviDrops Directions for Use

Feed 2 capsules at freshening and 7 days pre-calving for best results. 
Feed 2 capsules 7 days before breeding.

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