The New Deworming Method for Horses

by Caitlyn Andrews May 03, 2017

There are so many equine dewormers on the market that it can be confusing deciding which one you should use for your horse. Traditionally, it was recommended that you rotate dewormers every two months to cover a broad range of parasites. More often vets are recommending that you follow a new approach when deworming.

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April 2017 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Gus

by Caitlyn Andrews April 11, 2017

LoveWay Inc. is a non-profit equine assisted therapy center located in Middlebury, IN. Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the LoveWay horses. Each month, we feature one of the horses on our blog. This month, we'll be introducing you to a Quarter Horse with an interesting past.

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March LoveWay Horse of the Month: Grace

by Caitlyn Andrews March 07, 2017

As a sponsor of LoveWay, Inc., a non-profit therapeutic riding center in Middlebury, IN, we are proud to feature one of their horses each month. For March 2017, we're featuring Grace. Grace is a newer addition to the LoveWay equine staff. She's been in the program for less than a year and is already a valued member of the team.

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February LoveWay Horse of the Month: Chickee

by Caitlyn Andrews February 08, 2017

Chickee was donated to LoveWay and joined the equine staff in June of 2016. Chickee is a Trottingbred, a breed primarily used for harness racing. True to her breed, 13 year old Chickee was used as a pacing and cart pony before coming to LoveWay. She loves trotting!

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January LoveWay Horse of the Month: Sunny

by Caitlyn Andrews January 10, 2017

At Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. we are proud to be able to sponsor the incredible horses at LoveWay, Inc. LoveWay is an equine assisted therapy non-profit in Middlebury, IN. Each month we feature one of their therapy horses in our blog. This month, the honor goes to a sweet pony named Sunny.

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December LoveWay Horse of the Month: Mac

by Caitlyn Andrews December 06, 2016 1 Comment

December marks the "season of giving". What better horse to feature this month than LoveWay's own gift horse, Mac? Many horses have been donated to LoveWay over the years, but Mac is different. Mac's donation is special because he was part of a gift program where therapeutic riding centers across the country competed for the chance to add a Gypsy Vanner to their barn.

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