Ulcer Management Guide for Performance Horses

by Caitlyn Andrews November 17, 2017

Could your horse be suffering from painful ulcers? Your horse could have ulcers right now and not show any signs. This guide will tell you the most important things you need to know about ulcers. You'll learn why ulcers are so common in performance horses and how to prevent, manage, and treat them.

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How to Deworm your Reluctant Horse

by Caitlyn Andrews August 18, 2015

Trying to deworm a reluctant horse with a tube dewormer can be a nightmare. It often ends in frustration and just as much dewormer on the side of your horse's face than what actually ended up in his mouth. Maybe your horse is head shy or simply hates the taste of dewormer. Maybe he just knows if he fights you he can get away with it. Whatever the cause of your horse's reluctance you can do something to make deworming easier on both of you.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Horse Cool at a Show

by Caitlyn Andrews July 27, 2015

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