What You Should Know About Horses and Monensin Poisoning

by Caitlyn Andrews August 29, 2018

Have you heard of monensin? You need to know about this feed additive if you have horses. It could save your horse's life. What is monensin? Monensin is an ionophore antibiotic used in livestock feed. In horses...

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Ulcer Management Guide for Performance Horses

by Caitlyn Andrews November 17, 2017

Could your horse be suffering from painful ulcers? Your horse could have ulcers right now and not show any signs. This guide will tell you the most important things you need to know about ulcers. You'll learn why ulcers are so common in performance horses and how to prevent, manage, and treat them.

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5 Essential Hoof Care Tips for Healthy Horses

by Caitlyn Andrews September 12, 2016

"The hoof makes the horse." You may have heard the old saying. Hooves aren't the only thing you should be paying attention to when it comes to your horse's health, but there is a reason for the old saying. Unhealthy hooves can set your horse up for a variety of problems. Some issues are genetic, such as clubfoot, but others can be prevented.

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How to Introduce Your Horse to Spring Pastures

by Caitlyn Andrews May 09, 2016

Spring is finally here. Horses are shedding their winter coats, it's warm enough to ride and the pastures are full of lush, green grass. It's tempting to turn your horses out on the spring grass during the day, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

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Horses and Dehydration in Cold Weather

by Caitlyn Andrews February 12, 2016

Imagine a horse that's at risk for dehydration. If you pictured a horse drenched in sweat after a hard, summer workout then you wouldn't be alone. This is what comes to mind to a lot of people when they think of dehydrated horses. And, you're right. Excessive sweating can cause dehydration. However, both idle and active horses also risk dehydration during the cold, winter months.

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How to Keep Weight on a Senior Horse

by Caitlyn Andrews November 30, 2015

Keeping weight on a senior horse can be difficult. There is no cookie-cutter solution to feeding an older horse. It can be a matter of trial and error to find out what will keep your senior horse at a healthy weight.

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