March LoveWay Horse of the Month: Grace

by Caitlyn Andrews March 07, 2017

Grace Featured Therapy Horse for March

As a sponsor of LoveWay, Inc., a non-profit therapeutic riding center in Middlebury, IN, we are proud to feature one of their horses each month. For March 2017, we're featuring Grace. Grace is a newer addition to the LoveWay equine staff. She's been in the program for less than a year and is already a valued member of the team.

Grace: a LoveWay Therapy Horse

Grace was donated to LoveWay and joined the team in June 2016. Her human family was active with LoveWay long before Grace would join the non-profit. Her donor was already involved with LoveWay and Grace belonged to his niece. She was a 4-H horse before becoming a therapy horse. When his niece was ready to start college, they decided Grace would be beneficial to the students at LoveWay. The donor's two granddaughters are students at LoveWay and enjoy getting to see a horse from their own family at the stable.

LoveWay Inc Therapeutic Services 

Pictured Above: Grace inspects the tire obstacle on the outdoor obstacle course at LoveWay.

Grace is a breeding stock paint. This means, that unlike most paints, she doesn't have any spots. Characteristic of her breed, she does have more white in her eyes. Cait, the LoveWay equine manager, says that Grace only looks like she has "crazy eyes". It's just how she was born!

The paint mare has a very attentive personality. She's very thoughtful and can often be seen stopping and looking at things - as if she's trying to figure them out. She's great for EAL classes because she is so sensitive and attentive to her handler. EAL is short for Equine Assisted Learning. In EAL classes, most of the time is spent with the students completing exercises on the ground instead of in the saddle.

EAL Classes at LoveWay

Though Grace is good for EAL classes, she can still be ridden. She does great for independent riders. She hasn't loped much but has a very nice jog. Sometimes, Grace is a little stiff in her hips. The LoveWay staff keep Grace feeling healthy with some help from regular chiropractic visits, equine massage therapy, and a Sr. Combo supplement in her feed.

If you would like to sponsor one of Grace's chiropractic sessions or purchase a tub of her supplement, contact Molly at LoveWay.

 LoveWay Horse of the Month Grace

Pictured Above: Grace poses in front of LoveWay's outdoor obstacle course.

Grace's Gift Donation

Donations of any size are always appreciated by the non-profit. Recently, Grace was the recipient of a generous donation. Over the holidays, LoveWay has a "Giving Wreath" set up in their lobby. The "Giving Wreath" is covered in paper ornaments. The ornaments have three things on them: a horse name, the gift, and a dollar amount. People who choose to sponsor a gift for one of the horses can pick their ornament and pay for the gift. The last "Giving Wreath" had an ornament for Grace with a brass halter tag for the gift.

LoveWay Giving Wreath

Pictured Above: The 2016 "Giving Wreath" at LoveWay, Inc.

Grace's gift sponsors are Jon and Julie Flickinger. With their gift donation, Grace was given the brass halter tag that she needed. Other horses received gifts such as a chiropractic sessions and "pedicures" (farrier visits). LoveWay is in need of donations year-round, not just during the holidays. If you're interested in donating contact LoveWay.

LoveWay and Oaklawn

Julie's involvement with LoveWay has not been limited to Grace's gift donation. Julie has been involved with LoveWay for over 20 years. She brings youth from Oaklawn, another local organization dedicated to helping youth, to participate in the LoveWay program. The youth Julie brings to LoveWay are chosen to participate in the program based upon individual needs.

Through the program, youth from Oaklawn work on a variety of skills such as: following directions, frustration tolerance, impulse control, problem-solving, listening, and focusing and social skills - all while learning to care for and ride a horse.

"Many of our youth have never ridden a horse so they are excited about the opportunity to be involved in this program and the accomplishments they make in learning how to groom, tack and ride a horse. Their smiles while riding on the horse says it all!" - Quote from Julie Flickinger, Oaklawn.

About Oaklawn

Oaklawn, The Children’s Campus, provides residential programs for youth, primarily between the ages of 10 and 18. The youth live on campus while they participate in individual, group, family and recreational therapy. In addition, youth are provided with staff that assist them in developing independent living skills and healthy coping skills so they can return to and live successfully in their community.

If would like to learn more or make a donation to Oaklawn visit:

LoveWay Needs Your Help

Aside from donations, LoveWay runs on the help of volunteers. Volunteers contribute any amount of time that works for them. From assisting in multiple classes each week as side walkers, to just cleaning stalls for a half hour once a week, there is no amount of volunteer work that goes unappreciated.

If you would like to help out at LoveWay call 574-825-5666 and ask them how you can get started today! You'll get to work alongside the dedicated staff and volunteers (and horses like Grace!) that are making a positive impact in the lives of students through equine assisted therapy.

Did you know??

It costs $28 per student for each class. There are 12 classes each semester. That means it costs a total of $336 per student to participate in a semester of classes. Families that can't afford to have their child attend classes rely on the help of scholarships through LoveWay. Interested in contributing to the LoveWay scholarship program? Check out their website to see how you can help! 

Caitlyn Andrews
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