June 2017 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Rusty

by Caitlyn Andrews June 05, 2017

June 2017 LoveWay Horse of the Month

Veterinary and Poultry Supply, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the therapy horses at LoveWay Inc. Each month we deliver supplements to the equine assisted therapy center and we get the privilege of meeting a special horse that will be featured our LoveWay Horse of the Month article. This month, that horse is a chestnut Quarter Horse named Rusty.

June 2017 Featured Therapy Horse

Rusty joined the LoveWay team late last summer in 2016 and fit right in. He was a bit of a local celebrity before joining the therapy program. His previous owner had used him in Saddle Club where he was well known. She donated him to LoveWay before going off to college.

Aside from competing in 4-H, Rusty was used as a trail horse. Hitting the trails is still one of his favorite things to do. 22-year-old Rusty had so much experience with shows and trail riding that he quickly became a predictable and consistent therapy horse. He's a been there, done that kind of guy.

Even though Rusty is consistent, he does best when he gets a break from therapy classes. This is where the experienced exercise riders and staff come into play. Even the best therapy horses need a break from therapeutic riding from time to time. Having an experienced, well-balanced rider exercise them in the arena or take them out on the trails gives the therapy horses a refreshing break from their workload in therapy classes.

When Rusty isn't being ridden you will often find him spending time with his pasture buddy, Gus. He started out his time at LoveWay with Mac, but the staff quickly found out that he preferred a more relaxed companion like Gus. The two old men love each other's company and will spend lazy afternoons napping in the fields together.

LoveWay Inc Horse Rusty and Gus

Rusty (left) and his pasture mate, Gus (right).

The LoveWay Greeter

Rusty used to be turned out in the field next to the driveway, which meant he became the unofficial LoveWay greeter. He would often stand by the fence to see who was coming and going. He would always get excited when he saw a horse trailer coming up the driveway.

Rusty's talent for greeting visitors came in handy during LoveWay's recent Derby Day event. Having a friendly disposition and being used to commotion made Rusty the perfect candidate for the job. He got to greet everyone that attended the event.

LoveWay's annual Derby Day event was held on April 21st, 2017, this year. The Kentucky Derby inspired night included live and silent auctions, food, music, and more. The event is an important fundraiser for LoveWay. See LoveWay's calendar on their website for upcoming fundraisers and events. Derby Day has already passed, but you can still attend the upcoming Gallop for the Green Golf Outing and the Ride-A-Thon!

Greeting the Newest LoveWay Horse

During the interview for Rusty's feature, there was a new horse at LoveWay that was turned out in the arena. His name is Charlie, a grade Tennessee Walker gelding. Charlie is currently in his trial period at LoveWay to see if he will make a good fit for the program. True to his nature, Rusty wanted to say hello.

Cait Wilson, the LoveWay Equine Manager, led Rusty over to the arena gate so the two could meet. Rusty was friendly as always as he welcomed Charlie. The LoveWay staff are optimistic about Charlie. It would be nice to have another gaited horse, like Penny, in the program. Gaited horses are smooth to ride and make excellent horses for students with disabilities that make balancing difficult.

LoveWay Horses Rusty and Charlie

Rusty (right) greets the new horse, Charlie (left), in the LoveWay arena.

Time will tell whether or not Charlie will become an official LoveWay therapy horse. One thing is certain, though. Rusty likes him.

Get Involved with LoveWay

If you're interested in meeting Rusty in person and have some free time to spare, consider volunteering at LoveWay. LoveWay is a non-profit organization and relies on the support of the community. LoveWay is also in need of donations if you have any items that could be used for the program. Here's a list of suggested donations:

LoveWay Suggested Donations

You can also contact LoveWay to see what they currently need. We accept LoveWay donations at our Goshen store:

120 S. Greene Rd.,
Goshen, IN 46526 

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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