July 2016 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Penny

by Caitlyn Andrews July 01, 2016

Featured Equine Therapy Horse of the Month

Each month we feature a horse at LoveWay in our Therapy Horse of the Month segment. These features help people get to know the hard working horses that are making a real difference in the lives of the children that are part of equine assisted therapy programs. This month, Penny deserves the title. Penny has been a valuable part of LoveWay for many years and its time for her turn in the spotlight. Introducing the July LoveWay Horse of the Month: Penny.

A Bit About Penny

14-year-old Penny has been with LoveWay since the beginning of 2012. She's considered a standing fixture and an old standby by the staff. When she arrived as a donation at LoveWay she wasn't already named Penny. Her name was Maggie. One of the instructors, who is still with LoveWay, is named Maggie so she was given the name Penny instead. It could have been confusing to have two Maggies in one class!

Before Penny was donated to LoveWay she was used for pleasure riding. Penny is a gaited horse so she is very smooth to ride. She's a Rocky Mountain Horse, which means her color is also a bit unique. She's considered a red chocolate.

Therapy Horse with a Big Personality

Penny has a big personality but is still a polite horse. She can be impatient at times. You might even catch her pawing when she gets bored. Even though she can get a little pushy, she is great at knowing what each student needs from her. She calms right down for certain students. She stands patiently for the lifts that are used to help students into the saddle and if a rider isn't balanced she'll stand quietly for them. She's very attentive and does her best for her students. She's very aware of herself and knows when she needs to be gentle.

Rocky Mountain Therapy Horse- Penny

Above: Penny starts pawing to let us know she's bored with posing for pictures.

Penny's personality makes her great for independent riders. She's a steady lesson horse. She's great for trail riding. Some horses are very particular about their position in line on the trails. Penny doesn't mind at all. Whether she's in the front or the back of the line, she behaves for her rider.

Penny's Friends and Quirks

With the other horses, Penny doesn't have a tendency to bond well. When she first arrived, she was in a field with Dixie and Shanna. She actually did bond with Dixie and Shanna was the odd one out in the group. When Dixie left LoveWay Penny decided it wouldn't be so bad to be friends with Shanna after all and the two have bonded. In fact, they have a buddy system now. Both Penny and Shanna are insulin resistant so when they're outside they go in a dry lot instead of a grass pasture to keep them healthy. Whenever someone goes to bring them out of their lot, the horse that isn't being brought in first will use the other horse as a distraction to try to sneak a bite of grass when the gate is opened.

Featured Equine Therapy Horse of the Month

Above: Penny tries to take a bite of her interview notes. She decided they weren't very tasty.

As you might have guessed because of her buddy system mentioned above, Penny loves her food. She's a creature of habit and is dedicated to her feeding schedule. She loves coming inside in the mornings for her food. Unlike most horses that go straight to their grain, Penny is a little unusual. She loves her hay and always takes a few bites of it first before moving on to her grain dish. As long as she's fed on time every day and gets a nice grooming now and then, Penny is a happy horse!

Volunteer for Equine Assisted Therapy

If you would like to meet Penny in person, LoveWay is always looking for volunteers. They have a stable full of wonderful horses and dedicated people that anyone would be lucky to get to know. If you are interested in volunteering, donating or have a child that could benefit from equine assisted therapy then contact LoveWay today.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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