The Holidays at LoveWay

by Caitlyn Andrews December 23, 2015

Christmas at LoveWay in Middlebury

The holiday season is here! The horses at LoveWay are ready for their presents, but they could still use your help. Here's what's going on at LoveWay this holiday season.

Giving Wreath

 LoveWay Holiday Giving Wreath

The Giving Wreath at LoveWay in Middlebury, IN.

One of the first things you'll see when you step in the doors at LoveWay is a wreath covered in paper ornaments. The ornaments describe needs for LoveWay. Each one has a horse name, the gift, and a dollar amount. For example, one ornament has, "Horse Mani/Pedi, Copper, $32." If you wanted to give the gift of a well-deserved mani/pedi (hoof trim) for Copper this Christmas you would select the ornament and turn it in with either money or check to Molly in the office. Simple!

Gift Certificates

 Holiday Decorations at LoveWay

 The lobby at LoveWay decorated for the holiday.

Did you know that you can purchase gift certificates for riders at LoveWay? $20 gift certificates are available now for purchase at LoveWay. Contact Molly for more information.

Kroger and Amazon Smile

Did you know that you could support LoveWay just by shopping at stores you already frequent? 

Amazon: Do you use Amazon for your holiday shopping? Shopping at allows you to support your charity of choice (we choose LoveWay!) at no cost to you. Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Loveway Incorporated whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. Click here to get started. It's a simple, automatic way to support LoveWay without costing you a dime!

Kroger: Do you shop at Kroger? If you have a Kroger Plus Card then you are one step closer to supporting LoveWay! Log on to your Kroger online account and go to My Account. In the Community Rewards section just add the number 34704 to select LoveWay as your reward recipient. This is another easy way to support LoveWay by just taking a moment to add them as your selected charity!

Donations and Volunteers

LoveWay is always in need of volunteers and donations. For a list of suggested donations click here. You can always stop by LoveWay and drop off donations during open hours. You can also drop off donations at Vet Poultry: 120 S. Greene Rd, Goshen, IN.

LoveWay Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree at LoveWay with custom ornaments for each of the horses.

If you are wanting to see the decorations at LoveWay (including a Christmas tree with hand painted ornaments with the names and pictures of each of the horses) or drop off a donation, keep in mind they will be closed a few days for the holidays.

LoveWay will be closed on: 
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day

Christmas at LoveWay

Even the horse stalls at LoveWay are decorated for the season.

Now you know what's happening at LoveWay. If you're trying to think of a last minute gift you can always donate through the Giving Wreath in someone's name. And remember to thank a staff member or volunteer next time you see them. They've worked hard all year to keep LoveWay running.

Happy Holidays and wishing everyone at LoveWay (horses included) a great 2016!

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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