November 2015 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Babe

by Caitlyn Andrews November 01, 2015

 LoveWay Horse of the Month Babe

It's that time again! We're going to introduce you to one of the therapy horses at LoveWay, a non-profit located in Middlebury, IN. This month's LoveWay Horse of the Month has been with LoveWay for a long time. The 22-year-old Haflinger/Belgian mare has certainly earned her moment in the spotlight. Introducing the November LoveWay Horse of the Month: Babe.

LoveWay Horse Babe

Babe was very photogenic and stood perfectly for her photo shoot.

Meet Babe

Babe has been with LoveWay for 14 years. Through the years she's been teaching not just students, but instructors how to ride. Chris Stice, Assistant Program Manager & PATH Certified Instructor, learned to ride on Babe and had nothing but good things to say about her. Chris has fond memories of working with Babe and noted how intelligent the little mare is. In fact, she was smart enough to figure out how to open a pasture gate once and let the other horses into the adjoining field. Most recently, Erin Thompson, LoveWay's Fundraising Assistant, has learned to ride on Babe. She will be the last staff member to train with Babe. Babe will be retiring at the end of the semester this December.

Click Here to Meet the LoveWay Staff

 LoveWay Therapy Horse Babe

Babe's mane is cut short to help riders identify her from the other Haflingers at LoveWay. 

Been there, done that

If there was ever a horse that's earned her retirement it's Babe. Of all of the equine staff currently at LoveWay, it's Babe that has been there the longest. She knows her job and the students love her for it. She is one of the instructors' favorites because she always takes care of her students. If a side walker stands too far back then she'll give a little kick. She doesn't kick to be mean or hurt anyone. It's as if she's saying, "Hey, you can't help my rider if you're standing clear back there!"

Babe's Stall Card Reads, "I've been here forever. I know what's going on."

Where to Find Babe

If you stop out at LoveWay you'll see Babe grazing with her pasture mate, Copper. Or you could find her with a rider in the arena. You might even get to see her unique "side-to-side" trot, which is closer to a waddle. Years of faithfully carrying around her students and being a driving horse before her therapy career has caught up to Babe. She's starting to get sore from the work and only the lightest riders are allowed on her now. It's time for a much-deserved retirement.

A Unique Therapy Horse

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Babe then you know what a gem LoveWay will be losing when she retires. She's touched the lives of many and even though there is a new Halflinger in the program, Belle, she can never fully take Babe's place. Each horse that takes up residence at LoveWay is unique. They all bring something different to the therapy program. You never know which horse will bring out the smile in an autistic child or have just the right gait to make a physically disabled student feel safe. There will never be another horse quite like Babe at LoveWay, but that's ok. She made her impact on many lives during her time at LoveWay and will continue to do so until the end of this semester. She's not the first great therapy horse at LoveWay and she won't be the last.

Therapy Halflinger at LoveWay

Babe retires at the end of this semester in December. Come see her while she's still at LoveWay. 

Say Goodbye to Babe

If you want to say goodbye to Babe while she's still at LoveWay then now is the time. Have a little free time? Come out and volunteer or bring a donation in her honor. Do you have a story about Babe? We would love to hear it in the comments!

Wishing you a happy retirement, Babe! You've earned it!

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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