LoveWay Ride-A-Thon Raises Money for Scholarships

by Caitlyn Andrews October 15, 2015

LoveWay 2015 Ride-A-Thon Raises Funds for Rider Scholarships

The 2015 LoveWay Ride-A-Thon on Saturday, October 10th, had a great turnout. This was the 21st annual Ride-A-Thon for LoveWay. The Ride-A-Thon helps fund Loveway Inc., a non-profit organization in Middlebury, IN. They offer therapeutic equestrian services for individuals with physical, mental and/or emotional disabilities. There were 116 riders at the event this year that brought their horses out to join the trail ride for a good cause. It was a beautiful day and even the weather cooperated!

Fun at the Fundraiser

LoveWay Riders at Fundraiser

It was a beautiful day for riders to hit the trails with friends.

The fun fair, bake sale, tack sale and trail ride all went off without a hitch. Participants even got to enjoy a pancake breakfast sponsored by the Elkhart Exchange Club. It seems that everyone had a good time. LoveWay was able to raise $52,000 through the fundraiser.

Scholarships for Riders

Tack Sale in the LoveWay arena

A Bake Sale and Tack Sale were held at LoveWay with proceeds to contribute to rider scholarships.

Where does the money go that was raised? The funds benefit student scholarships. A majority of the riders at LoveWay come from area schools. The schools do not have to pay for the students to attend. Their contribution is transportation which can be costly when driving students back and forth for therapy sessions. Nearly 90% of LoveWay students rely on scholarships to receive their beneficial therapy. Without the support of the community and the fundraisers, many of the riders from schools wouldn't be able to participate at LoveWay.

Support LoveWay

LoveWay is always in need of volunteers and could use your help. LoveWay is still on the lookout for a gentle draft-cross to join their horse staff. Contact them if you would like to volunteer or know of the perfect horse!

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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