October 2015 LoveWay Horse of the Month: Shanna

by Caitlyn Andrews October 05, 2015

LoveWay October Horse of the Month Shanna

Last month we launched our new monthly featured blog post- LoveWay Horse of the Month. The first horse of the month title went to a deserving pony named Ace. If you haven't heard of LoveWay Inc, it's a non-profit out of Middlebury, IN, that offers therapeutic horseback riding to individuals with physical, emotional or mental disabilities. LoveWay has some wonderful people working to keep the facility running as staff or volunteers. The facility is also home to a variety of hard working horses and ponies with different backgrounds, personalities, likes and dislikes. This month, we're featuring one of LoveWay's "golden oldies". Meet Shanna, the October 2015 LoveWay Horse of the Month.

LoveWay Horse of the Month Shanna

Pictured Above: Shanna the October 2015 LoveWay Horse of the Month

The Perfect Therapy Horse

Shanna is a 22-year-old Morgan and Quarter Horse cross. She has been with LoveWay since 2008. She is considered a "golden oldie" and "gentle soul" by those that work with her. It's not surprising to hear students refer to Shanna as their favorite horse. Why is she such a favorite? Shanna is protective of her riders and always takes care of them. If she feels a rider is off balance then she will stop and refuse to go forward until she feels the rider is ready. She is very gentle and has a way of making her riders feel safe. She even has a blind student that rides her. They have a good connection and the student doesn't even need side walkers when she rides Shanna. The way she takes care of her riders is a rare quality to come across in a therapy horse and makes Shanna extremely valuable at LoveWay. RJ Arndt, the equine manager at LoveWay, says of Shanna, "She's just perfect. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body."

LoveWay Therapy Horse Shanna

Pictured Above: Shanna waiting patiently at the LoveWay facility

Shanna's Quirks

No horse is complete without their own personality quirks. Even though Shanna is quite the gem, she still has her own quirks and dislikes. For some reason, she doesn't like soap bubbles. She is fine with any of the toys used in classes, except for the bubbles. She never jumps or spooks, but will perk her ears up and flare her nostrils at them. Another odd thing about Shanna is that she simply despises rubber tubs. If she is given her water in a black rubber tub she will not drink out of it. She'll only drink in her stall out of her red plastic tub. She does have a few special needs that requiring monitoring. Her right eye has a tear duct issue so it has to be cleaned regularly. She is on Futurity Precise Joint supplement as a preventative to keep her healthy and able to continue participating in the program. She is insulin resistant and on medication to control it. Because of her insulin resistance, she isn't allowed to eat much grass in order to keep her healthy (much to her disappointment!). That's okay, because her pasture mate, Penny, also has to watch her grass intake. Penny is pretty grumpy with the other horses and only gets along with Shanna. Penny is lucky to have found such a laid-back friend to spend her time with. 

LoveWay Therapy Horses Shanna and Penny

Pictured Above: Shanna (left) and pasture buddy, Penny (right)

LoveWay Ride-A-Thon

Taking care of a barn full of horses can get expensive, especially if some have special needs and require extra care, medicine, or supplements. When you have a horse like Shanna, though, it's worth it. She has touched the lives of countless students and families through the LoveWay program. As she continues through this fall semester, she will likely impact more lives. As a non-profit, LoveWay relies on the support of the community to help them care for the horses and continue offering much-needed therapy for the students. They have an upcoming fundraiser event on October 10th, the annual LoveWay Ride-A-Thon. It includes a trail ride, family fun fair, pancake breakfast and more! If you can't make it there are plenty of ways to support LoveWay, still. Come out, have fun, and say "hi" to Shanna while you're there!

Volunteer at LoveWay

LoveWay is always in need of volunteers to help out. If you're interested in getting involved with this wonderful organization then contact LoveWay today!

LoveWay is currently in search of a gentle, draft-cross to join their equine staff!

If you have a draft-cross that you think will fit then contact LoveWay or share with someone who does.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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