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How to Keep Chickens Cool in the Summer Heat

by Caitlyn Andrews June 10, 2016

Alright, it's technically spring. But... the hot summer weather is just around the corner! Do you have a plan for helping your backyard chickens survive the heat? We'll give you some tips to beat the heat, but first, what are the dangers of overheating for your flock?

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The Fundamentals of Killing Spring Time Horn Flies on Cattle

by Caitlyn Andrews April 15, 2016

They're back. Those nasty horn flies that make an appearance every year and bite away at your cows' hides. Horn flies show up in the spring, but they remain a problem well into the fall. Now is the time to start fighting back.

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Backyard Chicken Winter Care Tips

by Caitlyn Andrews February 04, 2016

Winter weather can bring challenges to many backyard chicken hobbyists. You may be wondering how you can keep your flock happy and healthy during the cold winter months. Follow these simple strategies this winter to keep your hens safe and productive. Here are some tips to help you with your chickens:

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Dairy Cows and Udder Balm

by Caitlyn Andrews January 12, 2016

Winter brings dry, chapped skin for most everyone. This includes dairy cows. This time of year can mean painful, chapped or raw udders for your dairy cows. Here are a few tips to keep your cows from suffering udder ailments this season.

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Barn and Livestock Winter Prep Checklist

by Caitlyn Andrews December 16, 2015

We are already half way through December and the weather has stayed mild so far. Don't lower your guard just yet. Now is the time to make sure your farm is ready for harsher winter weather. We've compiled a checklist to help you stay organized and prepare your farm for winter.

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How to Handle Moldy Hay this Winter

by Caitlyn Andrews November 03, 2015

This year brought plenty of rainfall and poor harvesting conditions for those baling hay. When you go to feed your livestock this winter it's likely that you could run into some moldy hay. The good news is that most mold in your hay won't harm your livestock. Not all molds produce mycotoxins.

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