Hogs Test Positive for Swine Flu at SW Ohio Fair

by Caitlyn Andrews July 18, 2017

Swine Flu in Ohio County Fair Hogs

At least two hogs recently tested positive for swine flu at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in Wilmington, Ohio. On Thursday, July 13, 2017, a representative with the Clinton County Fairgrounds confirmed that more than one case of H3N2 swine flu had been discovered at the fairgrounds.

The barn was promptly quarantined and state officials ordered the slaughter of the nearly 300 pigs at the southwest Ohio county fair. Fair officials confirmed that the barn would be disinfected to prevent the virus from spreading.

This was difficult for the exhibitors, but it's important to take measures to prevent the spread of disease in situations such as this.

Swine flu can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with pigs. County fair visitors, not just those in the area of SW Ohio, should take caution when visiting livestock exhibits.

Hog at a 4-H Swine Show

The animals' health and comfort are a top priority at any county fair.

Tips for Upcoming County Fairs:

This is the time for year for county and state fairs. Exhibitors and attendees should take precautions to keep themselves and their animals healthy and safe. Here are some tips:

Tips For Attendees:

  • Wash your hands after petting and touching any animal at the fair. Many fairs have hand washing stations or hand sanitizers near livestock barns.
  • Do not eat, drink, or put anything in your mouth while inside livestock exhibits.
  • Carry young children through exhibits and do not bring strollers inside the barns.
  • Elderly people, pregnant women, young children, and people with weak immune systems should avoid livestock exhibits.

Tips For Exhibitors:

  • Follow biosecurity protocols at home and at the fair.
  • Monitor your livestock. Watch for symptoms of disease, such as lethargy, fever, cough, etc.
  • If your animal is showing signs of disease and you haven't brought them to the fair yet, then keep them home. It can be disappointing to miss out on the competition, but if your animal is sick it's better to keep them home where they can't spread the disease to others.
  • If your animal is showing symptoms and already at the fair, notify an adult leader so the proper steps can be followed to diagnose and potentially stop the disease from spreading.
  • Wash your hands after handling your animals and keep your animal's area clean.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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