Avian Influenza Causes a Stop Movement Order in Alabama

by Caitlyn Andrews March 16, 2017

Avian Influenza Stop Order in Alabama

New cases of avian influenza have been reported in Alabama. The AL Department of Agriculture held a press conference Tuesday (3/14/17) to discuss the new findings. The state veterinarian confirmed that the virus had been detected in three locations in Alabama.

Avian Influenza Locations in Alabama

Last week, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) were reported in Tennessee. The cases were close to the Alabama border.

Investigations for avian influenza were performed on three locations. The first two locations involved a commercial chicken operation in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The next location was in a Madison County backyard flock. The third location was a Jackson County flea market.

Along with the press conference on Tuesday, State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Frazier, in consultation with Commissioner John McMillan, issued a stop movement order for certain poultry in Alabama.

The health of poultry is critically important at this time,” said Dr. Frazier. “With three investigations of avian influenza in north Alabama on three separate premises we feel that the stop movement order is the most effective way to implement biosecurity for all poultry in our state.”

Biosecurity to Prevent the Spread of Avian Flu

The order was released with a word of caution from the state vet for poultry producers to observe their birds closely and practice strict biosecurity measures.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has created a website to provide answers about avian influenza control to backyard flock owners. You can view the website here.

You can also reference our resource on biosecurity to help keep your flock safe.

It's important to note that the suspected strain of avian influenza does not pose a threat to the food supply and none of the affected poultry have entered the food chain.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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