How To Keep Rodents Out of Your Barn This Fall

by Caitlyn Andrews October 08, 2015

How to Keep Mice and Rats Out of Barn This Fall

Rodents are a problem. As temperatures drop in the fall mice and rats tend to migrate to a warmer shelter. That means your barn, your coop, your livestock facility, even your home. These rodents can contaminate feed and carry disease. They can even chew through wires and cause barn fires. What can you do to keep the mice and rats away?

Tips for Keeping Rodents Away From Your Barn

1. Clean Your Facility

Keeping your livestock operation clean is crucial. It's the first step in biosecurity.  A clean barn will do wonders in keeping your rodent population down. The extra effort is worth it. Making sure your facility is clean as possible now will make it easier to maintain in the winter.

2. Setting Traps

Set mouse and rat traps in areas where rodents tend to travel. Places such as corners, against walls, feed rooms and other areas the critters like to hide are a good start. Check the traps daily. Empty them as soon as possible so they can be reset or replaced if they're the disposable kind.

3. Use Rodenticides

 Baits can be a very effective tool in reducing rodent problems. Rotating rodenticides can keep baits effective against the rodents near your facility. Click here for Motomco's resource for rotating baits.

Additional Rodent Control Tips

Rodenticides can be very harmful, and sometimes fatal, to pets like cats and dogs. Be sure to put all baits and bait stations out of reach of your pets. Even with bait stations designed to be tamper and pet proof, it is possible that a persistent pet could chew through a station to get to the bait. It helps to keep the packaging from the bait used. If your pet gets into the bait your vet will be able to know what kind it is and how to treat it.

Prevention for Rodent Control

A little bit of prevention goes a long way in keeping rodent populations down. Keep your farm and buildings clean, set traps and rotate baits.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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