Mild Winter Predicted for the Midwest

by Caitlyn Andrews September 18, 2015

Mild Winter for the Midwest with El Nino

According to an article on, the Midwest might experience a mild winter this year. El Niño would be the cause of this. Of course, the weather is never set in stone, but it could mean the following for Midwestern areas of the country:

  1. Winter temperatures in the Midwest could be above-normal throughout the region. The exception to this would be southern Missouri.
  2. States along the Great Lakes could see below-normal precipitation this winter.
  3. A milder winter could benefit crops such as winter wheat, forage crops, cover crops and fruits such as apples and grapes.
  4. A mild winter could also benefit livestock producers by lowering operating costs and minimizing stress to the animals.
Currently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a 95% chance that El Niño conditions will last throughout the winter.

    El Niño also has the potential to deliver wintertime relief to drought-stricken California. However, the presence of El Niño cannot predict the intensity of any single weather system. El Niño does not affect several weather factors such as the potential for ice storms, blizzards, the first freeze date of fall or the last freeze date of spring.

    Even though a mild winter is currently being predicted for the Midwest we don't know exactly how El Niño will affect the season. Only time will tell if this season will bring relief for farmers and livestock producers.

    Caitlyn Andrews
    Caitlyn Andrews


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