Good News for Indiana Poultry Owners

by Caitlyn Andrews September 08, 2015

Good News For Indiana Poultry Owners Ban Lifted

An immediate release from the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) today announced that the statewide bird movement ban will be lifted soon. May 27, 2015, a ban was placed on bird movements in Indiana to prevent the spread of avian influenza. While it was initially predicted that the ban could last through the year of 2015, there is now an end in sight.

H5N8 Avian Influenza Diagnosed in Indiana

When the first case of H5N8 avian influenza was reported in Indiana on May 11, 2015, an immediate release was sent out to warn poultry owners of the signs of the disease and to encourage reporting of birds with symptoms. This was followed shortly the same month by a ban of all bird movements to events in the state that would allow commingling of birds from different locations. This included shows, exhibitions, and public sales. While this ban likely protected the lives of many birds during the avian influenza outbreak, it also made for oddly empty poultry barns this year at the 4-H fairs.

Poultry Clubs Make the Best of the Ban

Elkhart Country 4-H Poultry club members may not have been able to bring their birds to the fair this year, but that didn't stop them from showing. They just had to get a little creative. There were multiple events for the club members to participate in. This included an egg cook-off and a chicken barbecue competition. Members were even able to participate in showmanship classes still. In place of live birds, the 4-Hers showed stuffed animals instead.

Avian Influenza Ban Lifted in Indiana

The 2015 highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak affected 223 farms in 16 states. The result was a loss of 48 million birds. Without the swift action of the ban, Indiana may have contributed more losses to that staggering number. The movement ban will be lifted on September 17, 2015.

This is great news for poultry owners in Indiana that have been unable to take their flocks to sales or shows since May of this year. While the ban did present an inconvenience for many people, it also kept birds across the state safe from the highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza. It also made for a very interesting year at the 4-H fair. 

Even with the lifting of the ban, it is important that biosecurity measures are taken to continue protecting your flock from contagious diseases. See our page on biosecurity for more information.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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