New McDonald's Change Could Further Impact Record Egg Prices

by Caitlyn Andrews September 03, 2015

McDonald's Breakfast Change Could Impact Record Egg Prices

McDonald's company officials have announced that starting on October 6th they will begin serving all day breakfast nationally. While the potential of ordering an Egg McMuffin any time of the day has many customers looking forward to next month, this change could have an impact on the already pressured egg industry. Following the outbreak of avian influenza in the U.S. this year egg prices hit a record amount in June.

The Demand for Eggs Following Avian Influenza

Egg prices spiked after the loss of more than 48 million fowl this year from the bird flu. This June, egg prices soared to the record price of $2.57 a dozen. As far as the bird flu is concerned, we're not in the clear yet. Fall migrations of wild waterfowl could bring avian influenza back to domestic flocks. We urge all poultry producers to continue practicing strict biosecurity measures to keep their flocks safe. With the already high price of eggs and the concern of a returning bird flu strain, holiday demand for eggs in America could even further drive up the price this fall. As you can see, there are already several factors at play in influencing the price of eggs. Now, McDonald's could factor in, too.

 McDonald's Makes a Change

When the breakfast change goes into effect next month the plan is that the whole menu will not be available during the day. Parts of the morning line-up, like biscuit and muffin based sandwiches, hotcakes, burritos, and parfaits, will be available. Even without the whole menu, it is expected that demand for eggs will increase with the menu change. There is a concern that adding breakfast items during the day to McDonald's already busy kitchens will slow down orders.

Demand for Frozen Eggs

At the end of July, the U.S. frozen egg supply actually increased, according to USDA data. However, the demand for shell eggs is already a tight market situation. McDonald's could further place a burden on demand. At this time it is unknown just how much the new McDonald's breakfast availability will affect the market. Time will tell just how successful the breakfast change with McDonald's will be and just how much it will impact the price of eggs.

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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