Avian Influenza: Still a Cause for Concern

by Caitlyn Andrews August 20, 2015

Avian Influenza Still A Concern in Indiana

A recent article posted on agweb.com reminds poultry producers that as far as the avian flu is concerned, we're not in the clear yet. Poultry and egg farms across 15 states were affected by avian influenza this spring. About 48 million birds either passed from the disease or were euthanized to prevent the spread. Agriculture officials caution that the wild bird migrations in the fall could bring the disease back. It is also speculated that the disease could be mutated by then. 

Why Avian Influenza is Still A Concern

Here in Indiana, a statewide ban was placed on poultry to limit bird movements across the state. The ban was put in place to control the spread of the disease. With only one case of positive Highly Pathogenic H5N8, Avian Influenza reported in Indiana since the outbreak of the disease in the spring, it seems the ban may have been effective. 

Avian influenza is not just spread by domestic poultry, it is also spread by migratory waterfowl. With upcoming wild bird migrations in the fall, now is not the time to throw caution to the wind when protecting your domestic flocks from the flu. The industry is just beginning to recover from the loss of birds due to the rapidly spread disease. Wild bird migrations this fall could bring the disease back. We are urging poultry owners, whether they have large commercial flocks or just a few backyard birds, to take precautions.  

Biosecurity Can Save Your Flock

 Making sure your facility is biosecure can help prevent your birds from contracting diseases, including avian influenza. View the infographic below for tips on keeping your facility biosecure. If you are already taking biosecurity measures, then great! Continue to enforce those measures to keep your flock safe during the upcoming fall migration. If you aren't already taking biosecurity measures, it is never too late to get started. For additional information be sure to visit our page on biosecurity.  

How to Keep Your Farm Biosecure

Caitlyn Andrews
Caitlyn Andrews


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