Indiana Avian Influenza Quarantine Lifted

by Caitlyn Andrews May 02, 2016

Indiana Avian Flu Quarantine Lifted May 1, 2016

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) sent out a press release today that announced the Final Avian Influenza Quarantine in the state has been lifted. As of May 1, 2016, the last of the infected site quarantines was released and a 90-day free status period was achieved.

The USDA defines when a state can be declared avian influenza free, which is 90 days without a new case after carcass disposal was accomplished. The quarantine release coincides with the state achieving avian influenza-free status, after 90 consecutive days with no new cases of the poultry disease.

History of Dubois County Indiana HPAI

On January 15, a commercial turkey farm in Dubois County, Indiana, was diagnosed with the H7N8 HPAI virus. Within 24 hours, nine additional nearby turkey farms were identified and quarantined. Indiana's aggressive surveillance and fast response to the outbreak enabled the state to get control of the situation.

State Veterinarian Bret D. Marsh, DVM, stated, "In hindsight, we feel we got ahead of this virus by testing neighboring farms the first day. The discovery of so many AI-positive sites - nine - in one day was unheard of, even at the height of the 2015 event. Our teams in the field had to scale-up, overnight. But we did it, and completed the task, in 38 days."

Future Outlook for Indiana Poultry

Now officially avian influenza-free, things are looking good for Indiana's poultry industry. BOAH's staff will continue to work with the poultry industry to prevent another case of HPAI and plan for future responses. BOAH will also oversee the testing of the flocks that are being restocked in the upcoming weeks. Updates on Indiana's avian influenza situation can be found here on BOAH's website.

Caitlyn Andrews
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